Slayer's Tom Araya and Josh Fernandez

Slayer’s Tom Araya and Josh Fernandez

Do you see that other Josh Fernandez up there in the Google search results. He’s like one or two entries above me. That guy’s a fucking thorn in my side. He writes these shitty articles on fitness and other bullshit and he’s took my website domain. I used to be the owner of but then I got lazy and poor and fucked it off. Now that I’m energetic and rich that other Josh Fernandez jacked my space. Well I am the real Josh Fernandez and this is my website. When I worked at newspapers we had to write “Web site,” which looked ridiculous. But we used the Associated Press format so the copy editors would change my website to “Web site” and so I quit my job. No, that’s not true. I quit my job so I could write a book, which I’m doing. It’s called Stickup Kid and it’s about a boy from the suburbs who wants to ditch his whitebread lifestyle and learn to rob people. And it’s almost done. But I still freelance for publications like, Sacramento News & Review, Fairfield County Weekly, Hartford Advocate and San Antonio Current. I also have a book of poems coming out (in mid 2010) on R.L. Crow, which I’m really excited about. So, you see, things are looking up. Now read my blog, buy my books, live in my world … and get out. When you go, be sure to check out these sites:

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