“Fuck this” advertising

I have been really tired lately. Seriously. I haven’t wanted to do anything. Yesterday, I bent down to tie my shoe and then saw how far the floor was and just said “Fuck this” and went to the coffee shop, nearly tripping on my face all the way there. But

Happy belated new year

I forgot I had this video of our new year’s eve party. Most of it was shot outside where I filmed a bunch of drunk Mexicans who got booted from Empire, the club across the street. The security guard from the club had to mace one of the dudes because he was in the

Sebastian Bach: Fat

Let me just say this: I wanted to interview Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach because a) he seemed like a really funny guy and b) because he started popping up on weird reality shows like MTV’s Celebrity Rap Superstar. I guess he was trying to whore out his new solo

Protesting is for fags

The Westboro Baptist church is coming to Sacramento! According to their itinerary, they’re picketing the capitol because Schwarzenegger is a fag: They’re picketing the Hillel House in Davis because Jews are gay: And they’re even picketing the Sacramento

Commie hater of America

Sometimes, America reminds me of that dumb bitch who can’t stop looking at herself in the mirror, even thought she’s not that hot–and even when there’s really important shit going on in the other room. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking,

Women I love

In the spirit of positive Jah Rastaman vibes and unicorns spewing joy from their magical orifices, I have decided to share with you two people who I love dearly. The first is Heidi, the maker of Raspberry Jam. The jam is so good that I eat it by itself with a spoon straight

Vow of silence

I’m going to shut the fuck up for a while. Seriously. I feel like I’ve been running my mouth too much, talking shit about everything I hate: Websites, musicians, people … While that’s fun, I’m just about done with this book and it’s

Finally #1 at something

The guy who designed this website is mentally unstable and, perhaps, murderous, if given the chance. And a knife. If I do something wrong to the site,  which I do almost every day, he’ll send me an email. Actually, it’s more like a ransom note. Like this: Or
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