Go Ahead, Thank a Meth User

Crystal’s car broke down in the middle of Broadway. When I got there the cops were also arriving. Two Asian cops and a big fat white cop. There’s always a fat white cop.   Here to protect and serve, as long as there’s zero to light cardio.

I Am a Heroic Runner

It was pitch black when I left for my run at 5:15 a.m. so I wore a head lamp. Even though it makes me look like a huge dickhead, I love wearing a head lamp because I can pretend I’m a Chilean miner.  The night before, I mapped out my 19 mile run, which would take me

I fell down

I was going to write a post about my experience as a first-year full-time English faculty at Folsom Lake College. Artistic rendering of my campus, which, apparently is full of wild, dangerous flora. But I fell today. At work. Not metaphorically fell. I fucking fell

From Stickup Kid

Bear stumbled through Roxbury intoxicated by his own grief, hoping desperately that somebody would say something. The right thing, the wrong thing. It didn’t matter. As long as it was in his direction. Just once. So he could unfurl the thick ball of aggression that burned

Best Rap Albums of 2013

This post is worth $50

I use Grammarly’s plagiarism check because it’s easier than lying about using Grammarly’s plagiarism check, which is what I just did. They MADE me post that. Seriously. For $50. In gift cards. I didn’t want to post anything. I don’t have time


I haven’t posted anything lately because: 1) I started teaching and it turns out teaching is not at all like the movies where you just get to show up drunk with a flask in your pocket and yell at your slacker students about “FUCKIN’ LIFE, MAN” and

Death Grips – Slim’s SF – 1

Watching Stefan Burnett (AKA Ride, the MC for Death Grips) on stage is like watching a poet, but not the Def Poetry kind of slam poet who yells incoherent rhymes about how much he loves weed. I’m talking about the real kind of poet — the intellectual poet who
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