Michelle Tea

Michelle Tea


Josh Fernandez, Frank Andrick and Ruben Reveles read alongside Michelle Tea, Beth Lisick and Tara Jepsen for an evening of punk rock literature and sloppy sexual innuendo.

Saturday, November 21

Luna’s Cafe, 1414 16th Street

Sacramento, CA 95814


  1. lauren says:

    hey there, can you add the time? thanks, buddy!

  2. Yanz says:

    Well, no response after 3 days. What kind of blog is this? Your audience wants near-immediate satisfaction or else we’ll BOO you during your reading and spit Sierra Nevada Pale Ale at you.

  3. josh says:

    Ha! Sorry. I’m in San Francisco, trying to become gayer!

  4. Yanz says:

    Nirvana did sang, “Everybody’s gay.”

    But on a different note, what time this your shindig start?

    The ball & chain and I plan to have dinner at Luna and hang out for the reading.

  5. I think it starts at 8 but I’ll make sure and let you know. XOXOX

  6. Rachel says:

    I want my name dropped here too!

  7. Ha! Oh yeah, I’m going to do a better one in a couple days. It will be called the Rachel Gregg and Josh Fernandez Sexually Explicit and Totally Erotic Experience.

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