Please stop having children, because if you haven’t noticed, you are making these:


I think what you were aiming for was this:

Barack Obama Capitol

But this is what you got:


And thanks to you, the fate of the world rests solely on this young lady’s broad shoulders:


Like a new Jesus or a sweaty priest, MTV loves your children:


The irony is, by carrying out their plan to preach to the masses about love for mankind and need for education, liberals will actually bore the planet to death … :

Inconvenient 1

… and all that will be left is a resilient fungus from another galaxy unfazed by human culture:


Alas, there is only one good person left on this burning planet:


Please save us, Huell.


  1. Wow. You see? A regular person would have been arrested on the spot. Huell is above the laws of mankind. He IS the higher power.

  2. melanie d. says:

    did you really call the bearded fat kid a young lady? hahahaah.

  3. UBO MAG says:

    Yea, that girl does have a beard! interesting?

  4. Yanz says:

    You watch Tool Academy? I guess you have to take the fading pulse of pop culture…

  5. Tool Academy is actually one of the more intelligent things about the human race.

  6. Jeff Musser says:

    When we take over the planet Josh, there will be a strict protocol, maybe even a breeding license. Yeah it seems a bit Nazi like, but Hitler wasn’t all bad. He built good roads.

    But seriously if dumb people keep popping out kids our planet/culture is doomed. I say we act now and make Norplant dart guns and set outside the studio audience door on the set of: Tool Academy, All The “Flavor of” or “Rock of” spin offs, Maury Povich, Dr. Phil, 90% of The shows on MTV, etc, and just shoot Norplant darts at guests and audience members. Some people will have to be sterilized forever (sorry to everyone who thinks all life is precious) and some just need to slow down on breeding until they get their life together!

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