amy winehouse scabs and spots coverd face picture[4]

It’s like if a gross-looking, mildly deranged prostitute walked up to you and said, “Hey, I’ll have sex with you for free.” Of course, you’d say yes. But then if one week later the prostitute said, “OK, I’m going to charge you a fee to have sex with my meth scabbed body now.”

You’d probably have sex with her again and again and again and again until you went broke and started ¬†getting religious tattoos and doing meth.

Man, that metaphor was way too tricky. It spiraled out of control and now I don’t remember the point of this post. Well, don’t do drugs, you young impressionable children!


  1. Yanz says:

    Have you seen her breasts lately? Good Lord, I think even you would say no to her at this point:

  2. lau says:

    Real beauty is inside, prostitutes need to sale they’re bodies cauz they aint got nothing else to sale. Amy sold millions…
    You just trying to fix your body cauz u are a lost soul… Sex payes

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