I’m no film critic, but that movie sucked balls. If I wanted to be bored by a bunch of overgrown yenta monsters I’d watch the View.



People say, “Oh, it’s a kids movie but it’s for grown ups!” Really, how easily amused are we by stupid shit?  I’ve heard the “grown up” argument at least twice this week. And what’s grown up about dimwitted beasts jumping around pummeling each other in the face anyway?



The movie did not have a plot. Neither did the book, but since the movie is $10 per person and more than an hour long, at least make a plot.

The monsters are boring and pathetic. Watching where the Wild Things Are is like being locked in a room with the friends you ditch when you go to parties. If you’ve ever been to a party and realized that your friends are gone, that person is you!

White people like Spike Jonze for the same reason they like Coldplay: Because they’re fucking stupid.

Just kidding, white people. You are one half of me.

There's no reason for this picture to be here. I just think it's funny.

There’s no reason for this picture to be here. I just think it’s funny.

I wonder when somebody is going to sue me for using all their pictures without permission. Hmm …

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