What was supposed to happen was this:

I was going to pay someone to do this website, and then I would wait for people to show up. After a few weeks I would realize that nobody was coming and cry into a pillow for 40 days and 40 nights. I’d neglect this blog and then it would fizzle out, like my dream of becoming an Ice Capade.


That’s not what happened. Instead, people are actually using this website. Three days into the launch of www.josh-fernandez.com, not only is there traffic but the site  has even gotten some praise!

We often proclaim — or did once — that something is saving journalism. This time, it’s a someone. His name is Josh Fernandez. He’s half Mexican, and he’s also a bad-ass interviewer, reporter and poet whose work has appeared in SpinSacramento News & Reviewand the Hartford Advocate.

We know, there are lots of weird things about that paragraph. The first is that a half-Mexican could do something good

The fellows at Some Country for Old Men (a blog that covers a lot of political happenings, along with stuff about Scientology, racism and my favorite topic: drugz!) said all this really nice stuff, which means I have to keep stressing out about what I’m going to fill this space with.

Sometimes SCOFM puts up multiple posts in a day. Assholes. Like my days weren’t busy enough trying to write things that make money.

Thanks, fuckers!


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