Unless you live in a nudist colony, ass tattoos are mostly for you and your significant other to enjoy. ┬áBut if nobody you know has gotten an ass tattoo, then how do you enjoy their beauty? Well, that’s why I am here with this service. Happy ass tattoo Saturday!

Here is the first ass tattoo. This guy probably doesn’t have a significant other, but since his ass picture was floating around on the internet he was obviously dying for you to see it. Waka-waka-waka!

pacbuttWhat is it with video games and asses? Is it embarrassing to get a video game tattoo on your forearm? Because a Super Mario tattoo on your ass isn’t embarrassing at all.

mario-tat-2This one is good for pedophiles:

571900052This one is good for whores:

This one isn’t good for anybody:


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