Hetero as fuck

Hetero as fuck

I didn’t know who wrestler Chris Jericho was because, you know, I’m not gay, but this video from TMZ.com shows him at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival a couple weeks ago calling the Q&A moderator “Hadji,” which is apparently a racial slur against Middle Easterners, even though I think that was the name of the Japanese foreign exchange student who came to our high school and fucked all our hot white chicks.

Jericho also calls the moderator a fag.

I don’t really know why this is news because I’m pretty sure that wrestlers are pretty fucked up people in general, which is why they take steroids, talk like growling dogs, punch people in the face (for pretend) and wear tights for a living.

But anyway, here’s the video in case you don’t believe me.

Chris Jericho Slurs Speech.

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