It’s Sunday, and we’re coming up on Thanksgiving, so instead of the usual crass nature of this website, I thought I’d just take a minute to share a story about giving, loving, sharing and good tidings.


No, not really. Today, I just have a bunch of pictures of dick tattoos!

Tattoos hurt. But this tattoo must have really hurt because it’s on this guy’s dick. This, by the way, is why other countries feel it’s okay to bomb the USA:

worlds-worst-tattooImagine you come home from a great night with a high profile attorney you met at a party. Things get intimate. Wine is uncorked. Clothing comes off. And when he removes his pants, you see this. :

dick-penis-animation-0967-tattoo-cartoonThis isn’t a tattoo on a dick; it’s a tattoo of a dick. Not just a dick, but a sad dick. It’s a pretty confusing tattoo, actually:

12Which reminds me: There are some really gay tattoos out there that I’d like to share with you. For instance, the blue unicorn fucking the pink unicorn, anybody?:

22Not only is this one really gay; it’s also incredibly confusing. It’s either extreme irony or mental retardation:

23The next time a Christian tells me that being gay is a choice, I’m going to show them this tattoo. Your DNA has to be shaped like Ricky Martins cock and balls to get this tattoo:

19Of all the gay tattoos, I think this one is the most poignant, mostly because it’s confusing, but also because it’s really gay. There’s something about the image of a big, buffed out dude with a mustache treating the Earth as a prison bitch that’s really disturbing:

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