Apparently the people at the Natomas Buzz are angry about me taking a swipe at their fine city. It was more like an affectionate pinch on the ass.

Here’s the sentence:

So I got in my car and drove to Natomas. (Here’s a fun fact: In Spanish, I think the word Natomas means “I beat my wife and neglect my children but give my Hummer nightly sponge baths.”)

Granted, it wasn’t the nicest things to say, but according to the 2009 census, the main pastime of people from Natomas is beating their wives, neglecting their children and massaging their Hummers.


So there.

Here’s part of the story at the Natomas Buzz:

While THE BUZZ can appreciate SN&R offers alternative viewpoints on everything from local politics to the arts, we can’t help but ponder the point of this piece. It doesn’t actually review the movie, but makes note of the near-empty theater, a waitress at Hooters and pretty much casts Natomas residents in a negative light while making light of domestic violence.

You can read the rest of the story by clicking on the wrestling bees:

Oh, come on, just by clicking on gay wrestlers doesn’t make you gay, you fucking homophobe. Go ahead, click.


Did you click on the story? Hahahahaha!  Fag!

Anyway, I’m not sure if I made light of domestic violence, but if I did it would be a really alternative viewpoint, since pretty much nobody thinks domestic violence is funny. And since you even said yourself that you appreciate SN&R’s alternative view point, you would have loved my joke about domestic violence that I didn’t make.

Get it? Good, then maybe you can explain it to me later because that paragraph looked way different in my head.

Also, the reason I didn’t review the movie is because I fell asleep within the first five minutes. There’s your review, Natomas Buzz. Here’s a lesson in movie-going. If you ask someone how the movie was and they respond with, “Yeah man, I fell asleep within the first five minutes” then that tells you not to attend a screening of that movie. Don’t even rent it.

Let’s just bee friends.

Since I have to explain everything to you, I spelled “be” like “bee” because the mascot of the Natomas Buzz is a bee. Get it? It was a present in the form of a pun!!

Forget it.

Watch: Family Guy – Gay Bee

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