I fired my assistant. It turns out he wasn’t the bright, young talent that I originally thought. And he looked way different than his picture.

kcvkatcgnfyBut, never fear. It only took a matter of seconds to find a suitable talent to work in the offices of www.josh-fernandez.com.

So, meet my new assistant (and yeah, Nick, he’s talking to you):

Guido Guy Wants to Fight – Watch more Funny Videos


  1. Hanif Houston says:

    Oh shit, oh shit: this is hilarious! Who is that shirtless guy standing all ominously in the background?

  2. That’s my assistant’s body guard.

  3. Henderson says:

    Ah the college life. Young, invincible, in love with your dorm-mate….

  4. Yanz says:

    This video looks like a segue to some drunken frat boy to boy ACTION! Yes! I love how mixes dames (so old school) with niggaz. The soundtrack needs work.

  5. Only the finest, here.

  6. Ross Hammond says:

    Oh my God, thank you. I love the dude in the sunglasses, that’s the best part…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! NIck MIller is in deep shit…

  7. Tom Richards says:

    Someone is probably having sex with that knucklehead. Just let that sink in a bit. BTW, good work parents of that guy. Seriously. bravo.

  8. Ross Hammond says:

    I just watched that again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! What a weasel dick. Oh my God that is priceless…..

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