43004090I6904Meet Justin Swanson. He’s a rapist who was living in the midtown area (19th & L) and has been in violation of his registration requirements since 2005. So that means this guy, his mustache and mullet have been on the loose, partying and raping for the last four years.

I bet one good sweep of the State Fair would have uncovered this shining member of society.

Not once in his Megan’s Law description did they mention Mr. Swanson’s raging mullet, probably because the authorities assume that a mullet, like an arm or a leg, can be cut off. But the authorities, once again, are wrong. Even if it means going to jail for sexual predatoring, mullets don’t get cut off. Mullets cut you off. Not sure what that means, but I just realized if he was shaved down and fed a decent meal, wouldn’t Mr. Swanson look like:

It's OK, Favre. Your mullet will grow once again.

It's OK, Favre. Your mullet will grow once again.


  1. Ron says:

    This worthless piece of excrement should still be behind bars. or better yet looking the the brown side of the grass.

  2. I look through Meghans Law on my downtime at work, some of my favorites are a gentlemen named magloire gregoire and another guy with a Pegasus unicorn tattoo (kid toucher), and another with an “unspecified lightning bolt tattoo”

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