Here’s the problem: Somebody sent me a link yesterday. The link took me to ¬†this website and when I saw what was there I was like, “Holy shit.” And then I proceeded to think about the link for the rest of the night. And then I had fucked up dreams about the chubby guy from Blink 182 trying to capture and rape me. Anyway, as a sort of catharsis, I’m going to share this troubling image with you.


Fuck, I know. I thought I was done posting smut after those Dr. Laura shots. But at least this picture is still safe for work because Demi Moore is technically wearing pants. It’s still disturbing, though. Doesn’t it look like Travis Barker is doing a solo show down there?

It was 1981. The same year that Reagan got shot and the band Yes split up, this was going on in Demi Moore’s lower half. I’m just trying to write my way through the feelings I’m having in my body, but it’s not working. I’m not sure what else to say.

She does have beautiful eyes, though.

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