I finished the California International Marathon in 3 hours 29 minutes yesterday. I was going to post some pictures and video but I don’t want to get up and I can’t find the little camera connector thingy. Plus, my cats are asleep and they are pinning down my legs and I can’t move. It’s really cute and I would take a picture, but, well …

So until tomorrow, here’s a picture of a marathoner doing one of the best things you can do while running a marathon besides winning:


I’m not sure why he continues to run after shitting all over himself. Look at his face. He is disgusted by himself. Why is his shit on the front? Judging from his number 26, he’s an elite runner who had a decent shot at winning. But even if he won nobody would be proud of him. “Just go home and take a shower. We’ll deal with your prize money later.”

If I shit on myself during a marathon I’d duck into a Porta-Potty and wait until it got dark.

This video of Paula Radcliffe taking a quick pee in the 2005 London Marathon is a lot better. It’s actually kind of hot:


  1. Joshua says:

    You even managed to make marathons humorous, which is not easy. I think I just peed myself from laughing. I’ll be right back…

    By the way, did the rat tail make you run faster?

  2. Jake Catlett says:

    it’s lubricant, man. makes the legs swish faster as they rub together. if he’d painted a racing striped on his back he would have won. he could have done it with poo.

  3. Tim Scott says:

    Still, the chaffing sucks.

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