In the spirit of positive Jah Rastaman vibes and unicorns spewing joy from their magical orifices, I have decided to share with you two people who I love dearly.

The first is Heidi, the maker of Raspberry Jam. The jam is so good that I eat it by itself with a spoon straight from the jar. Made in Corrales, New Mexico, Heidi’s Raspberry Jam retails for about 7 bucks a jar. But if my fiance (who I also love dearly) ever divorces me I will move to Corrales to find Heidi, woo her, and smother her with my love. And raspberry jam. And then I will eat her.

The other person I love (thanks to Serena, who sent the video) is T-Baby, aka, LaTonya Myles, from Detroit Michigan.

In her song, “It’s So Cold in the D”, T-Baby toils over the devastation of gang violence in her hometown.

The hook is simple, but poignant: “It’s so cold in the D / How the fuck do we ‘pose to keep peace?”

Please, enjoy:

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