I forgot I had this video of our new year’s eve party.

Most of it was shot outside where I filmed a bunch of drunk Mexicans who got booted from Empire, the club across the street. The security guard from the club had to mace one of the dudes because he was in the women’s bathroom and wouldn’t leave. His friend—a chick with one of the shrillest voices since the sirens in Homer’s Iliad, —could barely string a sentence together. Our friend Andri, who was also highly inebriated, was super nice and he helped the dude get the mace out of his eye by giving him fresh buckets of water every few minutes. He’s really good at carrying buckets of water, maybe because he’s Indonesian.

Anyway, it was a really weird night. And as the new year rolled in, our friend Corey played Kenny G on his saxophone until the wee hours of the morning.

Sorry for the quality of the video, but it was nighttime and I don’t know how to work my little video camera.

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