I just got this angry letter from Joshua Bruno. From what I can tell, he’s a real estate broker who is down for hip-hop, in the caucasian sense. I think it was my Brotha Lynch Hung interview that really offended him, but I’m not sure. It could be everything I’ve ever written.

Anyway, the text is down there, but it sounds way better if you read along with the   Mexican stereotype (Click on it, ese!)

hey bro, part my livelihood is the business of hip hop in the city where i am from… in the city where i am from. therefore i have a vested interest in what you’re doing. what i want to talk to you about is not a personal gripe. it is something i have discussed with many of the people you write about & interview. i’m a real dude & and am doing my best to get at you. but fuck it…
like i was sayin’, i am from sacramento. like i was sayin’, i got back in 2006. i’ve loved hip hop since i first heard run dmc bumpin in my neighbors front yard in lincoln village. do you know where lincoln village is fuck face, or did one of your interviewees just tell you about it? anyway, i’m a student of the music and the business. I’ve been to a lot of countries and lived in 4. music, fans, 3rd parties all over the earth. ive been in the business since i got back. shit, you have even done an interview or two in my old studio that has all of my nice things in it… with all of that being said about me (and subsequently verified by your slow ass)  by all of my accounts, you are the worst… i mean all of those places… all of the commentators… you are the worst. you are the bill walton of this shit. how come you can’t be writing somewhere else? out of the fuckin 100’s of writers out there i’ve researched who are writing about music how come you, the worst, has been bestowed upon … the city i am from… the city i am from?
you had the biggest sacramento hip hop legend last week and you didn’t ask him one substantial question. are you a fucking 4th grader at scared straight or are you a journalist & music lover?
“So you can just quit? How does that work?” – ?? watch a fucking documentary before hand if you don’t know that shit dildo boy, so you can ask a question that he deserves to be asked.
“Didn’t you go to school with the fat dude from Blackalicious?” – there you go Mr. Parker. thanks for all of your work.
Can a white fan walk up to you and say “nigga”? – way to represent the most diverse city in the world.
wow.  its a 4th grader or a drunken fernandez… either way sacramento hip hop is losing. i mean, this is possibly the worst interview in the history of hip hop. at least you sold some ads putting his name on the cover & got a paycheck.
That’s what i wanted to talk to you about, just wanted to do it in a more professional way you status quo funny fuck.
this is me talking, but it ain’t just me talking.


  1. Dave says:

    You should check out this guy’s LinkedIn page.


  2. I can almost smell the success.

  3. UBOMAG says:

    I can’t stop laughing… yes it did read better with the Mexican Stereotype verbage… haha. What a dumb ass. If someone is going to put down a journalist and what he has done in his city for his city — whether he even likes his city or not; who cares, at least know how to write on some level — maybe start at a fourth grade level and move up. Josh, I have to hand it to you, that was pretty funny.

    Aaris A. Schroeder / UBOMAG

  4. Haha. Thanks, Aaris. I love my UBO Mag!

  5. Bruno says:


    That’s because it was a portion an email & not a literal piece of work, dumb ass. Plus, I don’t even write for a living. Maybe you should know what the hell you’re talking about it before writing… drunken fernandez here has the same problem.

    funny what not using the shift key does to some writers… straight to elitist mode.

    this shit started by me wanting to understand writers in Sac better… comedy.

  6. And now everybody is laughing at you! Hip-hop 4EVA!

  7. Bruno says:

    it wasn’t an angry letter. i asked to talk to you and you responded by making fun of gay people.

  8. grammar cop says:

    Bruno, you would have been better off silent and anonymous. Now everybody knows what a fucking idiot you are. Nice work.

    You can’t fix stupid, but illiteracy will polish out with a little effort.


  9. The shift key makes you an elitist.

  10. Jake Catlett says:

    Joshua Bruno : Real Estate and Hip Hop.

    I wonder if he used that “tuff” verbage when he was in his Marine’s uniform.

  11. It’s hard to talk when you’re getting rammed in the ass by a fellow Marine.

    I’ve heard.

  12. KB says:

    obviously having lived in 4 different countries, throwing extravagant hip hop parties with all the big names, and allowing commoners to use your big fancy studio = street cred.

  13. Jake Catlett says:

    he added me as a facebook friend… did he add any of you guys as well??

  14. Hell no. It’s the sign of a desperate man.

  15. He’s been linking his comments to your website. I think he’s secretly a fan of yours.

  16. mulz wagon says:

    HAHA! i can’t believe mr. fernandez pissed this guy off so much! and why is he saying “drunken fernandez”?
    so i’m a little late to the bruno bash but i looked at his ‘linkedin’- he’s into REAL ESTATE & FORECLOSURE! ha! that’s hellllla tough. straight up pimp- pimpin’property.
    wonder what he’s up to now…probably sellin’ millions of gold records i wouldn’t know about.
    i like how he went out of his way to drop his “g”s at the end of words to emphasize his REAL TALK. …and SHIFT KEY? fuck dat, everybody know it da CAP LOCK if ya real!

  17. olla says:

    OMG. dot dot dot.

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