I took our new dog to the Sacramento Tax Day Tea Party. We met some weird motherfuckers.



  1. SerenaDonDon says:

    OMG I almost shot Diet Pepsi out of my nose when I saw the “If Paul Revere were in an Emo band” and heard the Fall Out Boy. You’re a funny MF, Josh.

  2. I’m glad you got that. I was afraid that would slip by because my editing skills are so horrible.

  3. Jeff Musser says:

    Dude you need an intern to edit your videos!

  4. Kel Munger says:

    My 100% Latina intern went up there with a camera, and we posted her comments on Hot Flash. Now people are calling her un-American. Gee, I wonder why?

    She did say she saw one black guy and a couple of halficans. Musta been you.

    She also said she had never seen so many angry, old white people in her life—and she’s from Bakersfield!

    yes, your dog is a commie.

  5. melanie d. says:

    my favorite part was when you told them that your dog loved people, “well, american people.” i had planned on going over to take pics of all the misspelled signs, but figured my iphone didn’t have that much memory.

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