Remember that feeling you got when you first realized you were going to start a website? You were like, “Yeah, man, I have so much to say.” And you do. For weeks, you fill your website with content that delights and entertains. Your fans laugh. They cry. But as the months ware on, you begin to look at your website as another duty. A chore. You think, “What in the fuck is this thing anyway?” Nothing seems fun anymore. Perhaps you slack off in your posts. Perhaps you stop posting altogether. Perhaps you try to hang yourself from your closet door with a shoestring.

I don’t remember where this post was going. I guess I’m just writing this so that I start posting again.

Some news: I have a book coming out. Here’s the cover:

I don’t know how my publisher got Jimmy Santiago Baca and Jose Montoya to say nice things about me, but I’m assuming he threatened them with physical violence. Which I’m all for.

Also, check out this video from HellaTV:

NOMENCLATURE featuring Josh Fernandez from HellaTV on Vimeo.

I don’t know why that didn’t embed the video, and that’s another reason I hate websites. They take ideas that are in my head, make them impossible to execute and then turn out half-assed and shitty looking.

My book will be available from R.L. Crow Publications on May 1. I’ll post the Amazon link when it’s up.

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