This is the only picture that pops up when you type "Meinphragm" into Google image.


It wasn’t the best review. It wasn’t the worst.

Here it is, if you want to read the whole thing yourself:

However, my readers, I’ve noticed, aren’t actually big readers.

So, instead, I’ll give you a play by play:

I went to this show and one of the performers, Meinphragm, was awful. Beyond awful.

His raps were so bad that at first I thought he was having a grand mal seizure.

I thought he had swallowed the microphone and was going into a fit of oxygen deprivation.

I thought he had been possessed by wack Milli Vanilli  ghosts. I called a priest to exorcize him.

Anyway, he didn’t like my review. He said I was hating on him. Meinphragm started a Facebook battle. He said that, ON HIS KIDS, ¬†he was going to beat my ass. He even challenged me to a real life duel!

So as a man of God, a man of peace and a man of unflinching integrity, I wrote Meignphragm a video letter.

The last thing I need is a scar on this flawless mug.


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