Lewd & Lascivious

I was a totally rapeable child, if I do say so myself. I don’t know where this fascination with pedophiles came from. I was never raped, if that’s what you’re thinking. Or not that I remember, anyway. Although, once, when I was 8, our neighbor—a 14-year-old

Interview: Brotha Lynch Hung

“Axe me a question, muthafucka!” Get it?! Brotha Lynch Hung (Kevin Mann) is arguably Sacramento’s most famous rapper but, to be honest, it’s pointless to argue. Why? Well, first, his name is Brotha Lynch. Second, he grew up in South Sacramento’s

Sebastian Bach: Fat

Let me just say this: I wanted to interview Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach because a) he seemed like a really funny guy and b) because he started popping up on weird reality shows like MTV’s Celebrity Rap Superstar. I guess he was trying to whore out his new solo

Interview: a hacker

Joe Grand Host of Prototype This This article was published on 12.04.08. Related Web site: www.grandideastudio.com Since he was a kid, Joe Grand has been a well-known hacker and electrical engineer. Now, the CEO of Grand Idea Studio can add TV-show host to his impressive

Interview: Pet psychic

By 8 years old, Paulina Lawrence realized she had the special ability to communicate with animals, which has helped her on the job as a veterinary technician. Now she’s branching out a bit, bringing her intuitive skills into people’s homes so that they can open the

Interview: Ask a Mexican (Gustavo Arellano)

“Heyyy, what’s up, half-Mexican?” Gustavo Arellano answers his office phone, happy as a clam, probably because he’s not washing a white person’s car or running through Compton with a hubcap—a successful Chicano brother, indeed. Of course, my Mexican half is

Failed Interview: Butterscotch

Television land is chock-full of depressing and loveless a-holes trying to give us love advice, and like many other things about this confusing world, it’s just twisted and sick. Seriously, flip to ABC’s The View sometime, and try not to vomit as the five sexless,

Interview: Slayer! 666! Satan!

The wood paneling in the Slayer dressing room gives off the vibe of one of those ’90s Calvin Klein commercials that reeked of pedophilia. There’s only one dimmed lamp turned on and the cavernous space is scary, like a waiting room to hell would be — except
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