Interview: KRS-One

KRS-One (Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone), the prophet from the South Bronx, earned a Black Entertainment Television Lifetime Achievement Award last year for his relentless struggle to teach the rest of the world about a new civilization: hip-hop (graffiti,

Bob Saget Interview!

Bob Saget’s phone call came about an hour late but he was very apologetic. His excuse had to do with John Stamos, a Broadway staging of Bye Bye Birdie and an unfortunate mishap. Don Rickles heckled from the crowd. The story ended with Saget, the hero, coming to the

Interview with a Klansman!

In Hammond, La. a justice of the peace denied a couple’s marriage license on the grounds that the couple was racially mixed. Black dude, white lady: Bad. But Justice Keith Bardwell said he’s not racist, just concerned for the safety of the kids. In fairness,
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