Death Grips – Slim’s SF – 1

Watching Stefan Burnett (AKA Ride, the MC for Death Grips) on stage is like watching a poet, but not the Def Poetry kind of slam poet who yells incoherent rhymes about how much he loves weed. I’m talking about the real kind of poet — the intellectual poet who

Lewd & Lascivious

I was a totally rapeable child, if I do say so myself. I don’t know where this fascination with pedophiles came from. I was never raped, if that’s what you’re thinking. Or not that I remember, anyway. Although, once, when I was 8, our neighbor—a 14-year-old

SPIN 30 biggest concerts

One of SPIN magazine’s 30 biggest concerts of 2009 was the Mayhem Festival, which I wrote about. So if you click here your penis will grow like 5 inches. If you’re a girl, I suggest you don’t click on the

Run, Josh, Run

Run, Josh, run An SN&R writer races from his addicted past By Josh Fernandez More stories by this author… Read 3 reader submitted comments This article was published on 11.27.08. PHOTO BY ANDREW NILSEN The California International Marathon happens on Sunday,

Stupid band photos

As I and associate arts editors Edward Dunn, Josh Fernandez and Emily Page gather and sort and evaluate the musical material with which we hope you’ll tune up your life each week, wading through the mire of MySpace and the piles of press kits, it becomes increasingly

Interview: a hacker

Joe Grand Host of Prototype This This article was published on 12.04.08. Related Web site: Since he was a kid, Joe Grand has been a well-known hacker and electrical engineer. Now, the CEO of Grand Idea Studio can add TV-show host to his impressive

Lars Ulrich’s nipple

For a long time, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich lived above a San Francisco dance club called Popscene. According to locals, he’d go downstairs some nights just to hang out and mingle with the schmoes. So one time after work I went there with the sole intention of meeting

Del tha Funky Homosapien loves skateboarding

Deltron 3030 The first time I saw a white dude with cornrows I almost choked to death on my own laughter. The year was 1991. George H.W. Bush declared the end of the Gulf War; everybody celebrated in their baggy Cross Colours. While the 80s shrugged hip-hop off as a passing
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