Vote Hutchins

“Today September 27, 2009, I replied by e-mail to a North Carolina Republican Party Chairman, who was so shaken up by the fact, THE GEORGE HUTCHINS 2010 CAMPAIGN dared to compare his Leader, Barack Hussein Obama, to Sanford and Son.” “IF this Cowardly

Happy Thanksgiving

I am grateful for many things, like my mother, my father, my sister, my other sister, my cat, my other cat, my neighbor who is old but doesn’t yell at me, the mailman who delivers the mail at 9 a.m., the show Tool Academy, and most importantly, David Hasselhoff. Too

Pickle fights back

This is messed up because I think the pickle in question actually responded to this. I was incredibly hungry driving down Folsom Boulevard and really wanted a turkey sandwich. Here’s the problem: Outside of Mr. Pickle’s was a gigantic pickle waving at passersby to go

5 shitty things about music

1. White rappers. Stop it. 2. Bland rock You are the missionary position of music. You don’t fool me with your messy hair and alterna-pants; if there’s a possibility that my grandma might enjoy your music, then you are bland. 3. Retarded black people Lil Wayne,

More hate letters!

No love for Fernandez Re “Michael Jackson on unemployment” by Josh Fernandez (SN&R Scene&Heard, November 5): I feel like I need to put a finger in my throat and puke out this “article.” Go away, [Josh] Fernandez, and don’t come back until you grow up and

More video

Do you ever see something, scratch your head and then want to just drop a nuclear bomb that covers the entire planet? Every time I watch YouTube I get that

Happy Sunday, Lord.

It’s Sunday, and we’re coming up on Thanksgiving, so instead of the usual crass nature of this website, I thought I’d just take a minute to share a story about giving, loving, sharing and good tidings. No, not really. Today, I just have a bunch of

I support stuff

Open source music. I’m definitely supporting this project from the crew Ill-literacy who have always blown me away with their intelligence and innovation. They also have some really incredibly hot chicks in that crew, if I’m not mistaken. And hot chicks never
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