Happy Sunday, the world is horrible

This story is supremely fucked up. (I wish CNN would use this as their lead every now and then.) Six-year-old Elena Desserich was diagnosed with brain cancer. Her tumor became so enlarged that she lost the ability to speak, so she began to leave little notes around the

Danny Tanner at the Crest

You know what the worst thing on the planet is? Racism. But that’s not what I was going to say. I actually just thought of that and then typed it. But another bad thing is when a comedian comes to town and some shitty news organization does a recap of the comedy

Natomas Buzz vs. Josh Fernandez

Apparently the people at the Natomas Buzz are angry about me taking a swipe at their fine city. It was more like an affectionate pinch on the ass. Here’s the sentence: So I got in my car and drove to Natomas. (Here’s a fun fact: In Spanish, I think the word Natomas

Chris Jericho! Racism! Homophobia!

Hetero as fuck I didn’t know who wrestler Chris Jericho was because, you know, I’m not gay, but this video from TMZ.com shows him at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival a couple weeks ago calling the Q&A moderator “Hadji,” which is apparently a

My stint in jail

Antoine, my cellmate, was a three-fingered carjacker. Alleged carjacker. (We were all innocent in our own little ways.) “If you see a fine-ass curly-headed black woman downstairs, give her this,” he said, as he handed me a folded piece of paper. “It’s for my girl.

This is It

Since I gave up the 9-to-5 lifestyle to write a book, my free time has become much less valuable. I’ve been doing questionable things like listening to Catholic radio and watching YouTube videos of sports bloopers. I really should focus on writing, because my money and

Interview: Ask a Mexican (Gustavo Arellano)

“Heyyy, what’s up, half-Mexican?” Gustavo Arellano answers his office phone, happy as a clam, probably because he’s not washing a white person’s car or running through Compton with a hubcap—a successful Chicano brother, indeed. Of course, my Mexican half is

5 Things that are annoying

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. By the way, someone wrote to me and said that I use too many exclamation points. So that’s the first thing that is annoying: 1. People who tell me what to do – go punctuate your own website. 2. Indie rock bands
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