Here’s the problem: Somebody sent me a link yesterday. The link took me to  this website and when I saw what was there I was like, “Holy shit.” And then I proceeded to think about the link for the rest of the night. And then I had fucked up dreams about

Post-marathon cinema

After a 26.2 mile race, things get


I finished the California International Marathon in 3 hours 29 minutes yesterday. I was going to post some pictures and video but I don’t want to get up and I can’t find the little camera connector thingy. Plus, my cats are asleep and they are pinning down my

Google hate

Google execs issued a statement saying they have nothing to do with the disturbing suggestions when you type a query into the search engine. Try it. When you start to type something into a Google search, you’ll find some fucked up, perverted or racist answer. The

Punched by an angry black man!

I just got punched in the face by a gigantic black man. What happened was I was getting dinner from Dos Coyotes. It’s Southwestern food, which is like Mexican food for white people. There’s a lot of sauce and everything is kind of drippy. Anyway, I left the

Rat tail!

When I was 12, life was much simpler.  People wore jean jackets and parachute pants; they dressed in bright colors and had mustaches that weren’t ironic. I didn’t know what the word “gay” meant. I thought Boy George was just really fancy. I liked to

Pissing cat

My cat pisses in the house at least 3 times a day. He might have a bladder infection, but I think he just does it because he’s a dick. He has a litter box, which he shits in, but he doesn’t use it for piss. Maybe he likes the tinkling sound it makes when his

Stupid band photos

As I and associate arts editors Edward Dunn, Josh Fernandez and Emily Page gather and sort and evaluate the musical material with which we hope you’ll tune up your life each week, wading through the mire of MySpace and the piles of press kits, it becomes increasingly
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