Automatic Door

This really confusing video is brought to you by Pakistan, engineering, retarded people and Anton Barbeau.

After party

After our fist successful adult-like dinner party in our home, we felt like grownups. After most of the guests left, we sat around with a video camera and devolved back into childlike

Post-marathon cinema

After a 26.2 mile race, things get

Rat tail!

When I was 12, life was much simpler. ┬áPeople wore jean jackets and parachute pants; they dressed in bright colors and had mustaches that weren’t ironic. I didn’t know what the word “gay” meant. I thought Boy George was just really fancy. I liked to

Pissing cat

My cat pisses in the house at least 3 times a day. He might have a bladder infection, but I think he just does it because he’s a dick. He has a litter box, which he shits in, but he doesn’t use it for piss. Maybe he likes the tinkling sound it makes when his

More video

Do you ever see something, scratch your head and then want to just drop a nuclear bomb that covers the entire planet? Every time I watch YouTube I get that

Confusing video

I’m going to have to brush up on my principals of racial purity, because I’m pretty sure this isn’t

Another confusing video

Are cats born gay or is Jonathan Kiefer just a fantastic director? Yes, it’s
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