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Open source music. I’m definitely supporting this project from the crew Ill-literacy who have always blown me away with their intelligence and innovation. They also have some really incredibly hot chicks in that crew, if I’m not mistaken. And hot chicks never

Ass Tattoo Saturday!

Unless you live in a nudist colony, ass tattoos are mostly for you and your significant other to enjoy.  But if nobody you know has gotten an ass tattoo, then how do you enjoy their beauty? Well, that’s why I am here with this service. Happy ass tattoo Saturday! Here

Ha ha! Tricked you!

I had to teach a writing workshop on “tone” to a bunch of Sacramento City College students. I wanted painter Jeff Musser to help me out. But the only problem was, the thought of speaking in front of large groups made Jeff sweaty and feel like he was going to

Presidential anger, muthafucka

President Barack Obama told CBS in Beijing that he’s “furious” about a series of leaks regarding deliberations about Afghanistan. “I think I am angrier than Bob Gates about it.” Ohhh, shit! No he didn’t! Cuz Bob Gates is an angry ass muthafucka.

Word of the year!

According to a bunch of retarded eggheads at the New Oxford American Dictionary, the word of the year is “unfriend.” Apparently finding the word of the year is some huge process where a bunch of dorks get together and go, “Hmmmmmm.” From Cnn.com: On

New assistant, part II

I fired my assistant. It turns out he wasn’t the bright, young talent that I originally thought. And he looked way different than his picture. But, never fear. It only took a matter of seconds to find a suitable talent to work in the offices of

Sunday news

The day of the lord In Bell Buckle, Tenn., 54 year old Wilma Johnson found a mysterious disc sitting on top of her television set. She quickly called her 14-year-old niece, who told her that it was a DVD. “A Dee vee, who?” she asked. Her niece explained that a

New assistant

I still have some form of relentless flu, but luckily I hired a new assistant here at www.josh-fernandez.com. And no, it’s not teenaged prostitute, like the icon suggested. I just put that there to attract more customers. Now, onto my real assistant. The boy is
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